New Moon Day

September 1, 2016. Today is the first new moon of my 70th year!  After a long period away from Moon Day Journal, I hope this milestone moon day will be auspicious for starting up again. Much has changed in my life in the last few years.  I feel sure most of the important stuff will make its way into future posts. For now, it's enough just to be writing again -- a triumph over writer's block and all the failure of self-confidence, energy and vision that entails. I have been dithering for months and the tension has been building: creative ambition competing with self-doubt and shame.  Feeling gratitude to my daughters for their encouragement and to my friend Sherry, whose small pat on the back for earlier writings helps lift me up enough to get over the wall of resistance.  May I build some momentum this year to cruise into my eighth decade with energy and joy. 

John Maarschalk via Flickr